The Arthur H. Rosenfeld Urban Cooling Achievement Award: Application Form

The Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) has established an award to honor the legacy and impact of Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld’s advocacy for cooler buildings, cooler cities, and a cooler planet. Dr. Rosenfeld was a founder of GCCA and a tireless advocate for building materials that improve thermal comfort and make a positive impact on global climate change. The Urban Cooling Achievement Prize will:

  1. Recognize leaders who demonstrate Dr. Rosenfeld’s drive, passion, and intelligence to overcome the challenges of excess urban heat,
  2. Highlight the policies, programs, and initiatives that successfully unlock the tremendous opportunity of cooling strategies to improve the quality of life, economies, and resilience of urban communities around the world

Who is eligible?

A Selection Committee will determine Finalists and Winners of the Urban Cooling Achievement Prize. While any person may be nominated, we will especially seek out the following types of applicants:

  • Policy/program practitioners (e.g., city officials/administrators)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Environment justice and community groups
  • Businesses

What does the winner(s) receive?

Selection Criteria

A successful applicant should:

  1. Have sustained engagement with strategies to promote urban cooling over time, with a focus on implementation.
  2. Present measured, quantified results of their relevant work to the extent possible.
  3. Demonstrate how their work represents an innovative approach to the challenges of building, urban, or planet-level cooling.
  4. Document how they have worked to raise awareness of the challenges of urban heat and the opportunities of mitigation.

No self-submissions will be considered by the Selection Committee.  

Submissions must be received by December 11, 2017.

Contact Kurt Shickman with any questions.