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The Cool Roadways Partnership has been transferred to the Smart Surfaces Coalition, effective October 15, 2023.  Existing CRP materials will remain available here.  Please visit the Smart Surfaces Coalition for the latest on CRP.
Cool Roadways Solutions Available Today 

Cool Roadways Partnership (CRP) Forms to Advance Cool Pavement Solutions: Faced with long-term projections of rising temperatures and growing urban heat islands, community leaders are collaborating to advance the use of solar reflective, “cool” roadway solutions. CRP members are in need of cool roadways to help cool their cities as well as for the pavement preservation benefits that they provide. CRP members developed a  request for information (RFI) to learn about the cool roadway solutions that are available today. The RFI served as an effective way to engage industry, spur innovation, and highlingt the need and market potential for cool roadway solutions.

CRP members are actively installing cool roadway pilot projects and full-scale cool roadway programs are already underway in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Excessive Heat is a Major Urban Challenge: Protecting people from rising temperatures and extreme heat is one of the key resilience challenges of the 21st Century. Cooling our communities will help to save lives, improve air quality, and reduce energy use and urgent action is needed to address this challenge.

Cool Roadways are an Essential Strategy to Cool Communities: A variety of passive cooling solutions are available but options are limited for addressing the single largest portion of our communities – pavements. Paved surfaces such as roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, account for up to 40% of the surface area in an average city and absorb a lot of solar energy that heats our communities. The need, and the opportunity, are greatest in low-income and under served communities, which tend to have more pavement and fewer trees than wealthier areas.

Cool Roadways Partnership Members (November 2021)
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