Discover Cool Surfaces

Check out our interactive feature below that explains how choosing lighter colored roofs leads to quantifiable improvements to almost every aspect of urban life. You can see how highly reflective surfaces work to cool buildings, communities, and the whole planet.

In the near future, excess heat and the effects of local climate change will be a nearly 6% tax on the average city that provides no benefits in return.  For cities tackling the multi-billion dollar challenge of urban heat, every dollar invested must deliver many benefits. Reflective, cool roofs are an ideal way to avoid these staggering costs while making cities healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

Interactive Feature: Unlock the Benefits of Reflective Cool Roofs

Interested in generating hundreds of millions of dollars, saving lives, and making your town a nicer place? Use this interactive feature to explore the health, economic, and pollution problems attributed to excess urban heat, and see how cool roofs and other surfaces can help alleviate them.

Visual Explanations: The Science Behind Cool Surfaces

Urban surfaces cooling is backed in science. Get quick facts and see visual explanations of albedo, the urban heat island effect, and climate change abatement.

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Cool City Examples: What Cities Are Doing Now to Cool Off

Coming soon: Find out what cities around the world are already doing and how you can replicate their success in your city. These “cool cities” have offered their own documents as a resource.

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