Development of Cool Pavement with Dark Colored High Albedo Coating

In this study, a new type of pavement is developed to satisfy both high albedo and low brightness with the innovative paint coating technology. The function of this pavement is based on a thin paint coating on the surface of the conventional dark asphalt pavement, which has quite high reflectivity for the near infrared and low reflectivity for the visible. This results in the dark colored pavement surface while achieving much higher albedo. The maximum reduction of surface temperature from the conventional asphalt pavement was about 15°C in Tsukuba and more than 17°C in Okinawa.

Additional credits:

Tamotsu Yoshinaka (Nippo Corp.)

Noriyuki Fukae (Nagashima Special Paint Co.)

Manabu Kanda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Source: Fifth Conference on Urban Environment Conference Paper

Publication Date: August 0004

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