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President’s Climate Preparedness Task Force Releases Recommondations

Yesterday, the White House State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force On Climate Preparedness and Resilience released their recommendations to improve climate adaptation and resiliency planning for cities and states around the country.  Climate Central spells out what’s in the report, and notes the panel’s interest in collecting data to pinpoint needs and challenges:

The panel asked the government to develop new health tracking tools.  It also wants it to identify the most vulnerable communities and to consider climate change when evaluating federal programs designed to help them.

Two recent GCCA studies explain how reflective surfaces could save lives during extreme heat events in Washington, DC, and in Baltimore, New York and Los Angeles.

City governments are already taking steps to address the urban heat island effect in their communities.  A recent survey by GCCA and ACEEE, details the efforts in 26 major North American cities, involving reflective roofing and pavements.

To learn more, take a look at this White House fact sheet, which summarizes the report.

National Adaptation Forum

Last week, GCCA joined over other 825 professionals in St. Louis last week to discuss the latest in urban-scale climate adaptation at the National Adaptation Forum. It was a great and energizing opportunity to meet with a diverse set of representatives from cities, tribes, utilities, and the private sector who share a common goal to better prepare their communities for the impacts of climate change.

We were honored to be included in a panel on urban heat islands which included David Fink from Climate Resolve, Emma Zinsmeister of EPA, and Kate Johnson of the District Department of the Environment. Turnout was great and the discussion afterwards was even better – so many people interested in understanding and acting to reduce excess urban heat in their area.

Check out this website for more information on the Forum, including all of the presentations. You can download my presentation here.