Key Initiatives

The One Million Cool Roofs Challenge
The Cool Roofs Challenge is an unprecedented $2 million initiative comprising an outcome-based $1 million challenge prize and $1 million of grant pool of up to ten $100,000 grants to ...
Saving Billions by Managing Urban Sun and Rain
We have long known that smarter material choices for our roofs and pavements would lead to significant improvements in urban economies and quality of life. Now, a report for ...
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New Thinking on Cool Roof in Cool Climates
Roofing Magazine’s September/October edition includes an article from GCCA that examines some of the new research that is toppling the myth that cool roofs are not suitable in cool climates.  ...
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Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative
Helping to Demonstrate the Benefits of a Cooler Los Angeles as a Model for Other Cities The Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative (LAUCC) is a unique national partnership between nonprofit groups, ...
Catch GCCA Executive Director, Kurt Shickman on KCRW
GCCA Executive Director recently spoke with KCRW’s Madeleine Brand about the urban heat island effect, and explained how cool roofs can help bring down urban temperatures.
GCCA Executive Director Kurt Shickman on WAMU’s Metro Connection
GCCA Executive Director, Kurt Shickman recently discussed rising urban temperatures, and explained that when cities lighten up, they cool down.
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South Africa Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Exchange
Welcome to the South Africa Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Exchange (EERE Exchange), a regularly-updated platform for sharing information on initiatives related to the growth of markets for efficient, clean, ...
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Evaluating the Health Benefits of Urban Cooling
GCCA worked with a top team of researchers to study how cool surfaces and vegetation save lives during extreme heat events in Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington.
Urban Heat Island Policy Survey
GCCA and ACEEE survey 26 cities to learn how they are addressing excess urban heat.
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Assessing the Health Impacts of Urban Heat Island Strategies in the District of Columbia
GCCA finds that cooler surfaces and more green space can save lives during heat waves in Washington, DC.
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Growing South African Markets for Efficient and Renewable Technologies
A U.S. Department of Energy initiative to grow the market for U.S. energy efficiency and renewable energy products, technologies, and services in South Africa.
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GCCA Responds to ASU Paper Unintended Consequences
GCCA responds to an industry sponsored white-paper, which questioned the benefits of cool roofs and pavements. Our fact-check finds close to 60 factual errors and misrepresentations.
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Partnership with C40
GCCA and C40 developed the Cool Cities Network, a member-driven forum to help cities around the world reduce excess urban heat.
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Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP)
The GSEP Cool Roofs and Pavements Working Group is a public/private partnership that includes India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, and the U.S.
Be Cooler. We'll help you.
Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit
Check out our free knowledge base and discussion forum about cool surfaces and global cooling at
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Cool Surfaces News Roundup: 2013
Cool surfaces were in the news in 2013, and GCCA has pulled together some of the highlights in the inaugural issue of our Cool Retrospective.